Competency Training

All staff should have competency training in correct electrical management in hazardous environments.

Health and safety legislation aims to ensure that the workplace is safe and healthy and to encourage consultation and cooperation between employers and employees on health and safety matters.  A workplace that is not healthy and safe may have to face insurance claims, medical bills, higher insurance premiums, replacement labour costs and lost productive time. Competency training is an excellent opportunity to invest in the long term wellbeing of your employees and to minimize the abovementioned risks.

These risks do however increase exponentially in locations where there is a possibility of fire, or explosion owing to the presence, or possible occurrence of flammable gases, vapours, fibers or dust particles. The Occupational Health and Safety Act requires every employer to identify hazardous areas and locations in the workplace and classify them in accordance with a safety standard. A good example, is that no person may use any electrical machinery, or perform their duties in any hazardous areas, without the classification of the area. The employer must be in possession of a valid certificate of compliance to prove that the electrical installations at least complies with minimum safety requirements.

At Dan Electrical we go the extra mile to ensure that you and your staff are equipped to recognize the hazards in your environment. We do training workshops that focus specifically on the following topics to ensure that you and your employees are competent to work in these areas.

Hazardous Area Awareness Workshop

Course Duration: 1 Day
The hazardous area awareness workshop is suitable for anyone working in a hazardous area, including cleaning staff, maintenance personnel and management. It covers the legislative requirements for hazardous area installations and provides an overview of the relevant standards. Also included is an introduction to explosion protected equipment and explanations on how to read hazardous area classification drawings and interpret equipment markings. We also briefly explain the nature and properties of combustible substances, classification principles, explosion – protection principles and the responsibilities of all parties involved in the safety of Hazardous Areas.

Hazardous Area Installations and Maintenance Workshop

Course Duration: 2 Days

The hazardous area installation and maintenance workshop is intended for electrical workers, technicians and engineers involved with installing and maintaining electrical equipment in hazardous areas. It covers the principles of hazardous area classification, explosion-protection techniques, equipment installation requirements, inspections, and procedures for breakdowns and maintenance, with theory and practical components. This workshop follows after the hazardous area awareness training and explains what to look for when visiting a classified Hazardous Area.