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All About Renovations and New Projects

Renovations and new building projects can be stressful, considering the vast amount of documentation and certification that is required. As a company or individual commissioning a new building project, there is always the worry that the work will not be up to your exacting standards, or – even worse – not up to regulatory standards at all!

The reality is that most contractors and electrical “experts” are not equipped to advise you sufficiently on matters of certification and compliance. Even electrical design is often not done as efficiently and safely as it should be, because of a need to do it ‘quickly and cheaply’. Sadly, many of those projects then end up costing a lot more over the long term because of an extensive need for repair work and comebacks.

Peace of mind is hard to come by in the electrical and contractor industry. By the time you realise that there is a problem, it will be too late – customers want to hold bad electricians accountable for poor workmanship, but it is very difficult to get legal recourse if you have signed off on a project and only later found out that there is a problem. Here at Dan Electrical, we educate our customers about the latest legislation governing electrical contracting work and what your rights are as a customer. It is becoming increasingly necessary to make sure that everyone is on the same page in a project as far as legislation and regulations are concerned. Expert advice means peace of mind, always!

As the customer, you are responsible for the selection of the contractors, and if they do not have proper certification and integrity, it is on you! This is why using reputable and fully-licenced electrical contractors is essential. One way of making sure you’re getting proper quality work done on your project is to ask for reputable testimonials – individuals and big companies are never shy to offer a good word when great work has been done for them. Ask about whether the projects were done on time, to a high standard and without problems once the job was done.

In addition, Dan Electrical is part of the just 5% of electrical contractors in South Africa which are certified as Master Electricians by the National Department of Labour. There are far too many bogus and underqualified electricians out there, and we can advise you on how to identify them and make sure you’re not receiving sub-standard service. As a testament to our level of service, we are an ECA Award finalist company for 2015 in the “Special Innovative Projects” and “Installation of the Year” award categories.

For real peace of mind, ask an expert when it comes to your electrical contracting needs – ask Dan Electrical. We pride ourselves on meeting the highest standards to exceed the expectations of our clients.