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082 671 0225 / 071 630 7424

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082 671 0225 / 071 630 7424

Residential Electrical Services

Thinking about renovating your home, your kitchen or extending your apartment?

By choosing Dan Electrical, a registered Master Electrician, you are choosing a contractor whose policies and procedures are recognized and who provides a workmanship guarantee. We are proud members of the Electrical Contractors Association which translates to excellent residential electrical services and reliable information, potentially saving you time and money.

New Installations

In today’s world we seem to take so many things for granted. Water flows from the faucet. Cool air blows from the ventilation ducts. There is a dial tone when we pick up the telephone and the lights turn on at the flick of a switch. Electric power is at the root of each of these basic services, yet electricity is almost always the most overlooked and under-appreciated utility in our daily lives. Without it, almost everything stops, including your business!

From earth leakage protection devices that protect people, property and animals to the underlying interconnected electrical infrastructure; maintenance and repairs must be proactive if they are to ensure electrical quality and reliability. The alternative is pressure caused by aging equipment and increasing downtime. We cannot work harder, we need to work smarter. The electrician of tomorrow must be innovative, visionary and a leader of excellence. At Dan Electrical we make use of Infra Red technology to identify faulty connections before they cause problems. But if disaster strikes, we have experienced staff that can be dispatched to trace, locate and identify faulty components in your electrical installation and get you up and running in no time.